i feel forgotten

Dear blog,

How do you do? It’s been a long time. I hope you can still recognize me.
I used to be your close friend. But now, seems like I have forgotten you. I was missing in action. Sorry if I did.  I was just too occupied with so many things in life – work, friends, family. I know how it feels and it’s painful but life must continue.

Oh speaking of family, you’re asking me how are they doing?
They’re good. Kids are happy and big now and they fight everyday.

My little boy is 1 year and 7 months old now. While my girl is 5 years old now and she hate-love his brother (you know what I mean here).

I miss posting pictures of my two beautiful kids here and documenting random memories of them. Honestly speaking, I miss blogging here! I miss sharing my simple and imperfect life along with my beautiful kids. Why? because time machines are not real and we can never turn back times. So let’s treasure our beautiful past and enjoy the beautiful present.

Mama Author


Lucky 7

It’s been seven months already since I gave birth to you my boy. Seven months of sweet kisses, warm hugs, lullabies and lots of love.

I’m a proud momma for I have exclusively breastfed you for 7 months (I thought I would never survive that) and this tiny body of mine won’t get tired of giving you more care, attention, love and nurturing. So I hope you continue to be strong, healthy, joyful, sweet and loving boy to us. I love you lil bud.


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